Kevans Iron Kingdoms

A Letter to home

Dear, Aesha (Sister)

At first I was unsure of these new “friends” that I agreed to take part in this contract with but they seem to be good fellows. At first I just joined to try and make some extra crown and learn something new.

Bosh despite being loud at times seems to be an honorable “creature”. Alistar is quite knowledgeable in mechanika and after observing him I think I’m starting to learn a bit as well. Selin is a talented gun mage which I heard of but never had chance to see one in action, he was very badly injured on one of “missions” but recovered… a definite reminder of how brutal the world can be. Lloyd is an interesting fellow but I don’t know much of him yet he was absent on our last doings, I think he may have been sick or he could have been volunteering at the local hospital. Armando is a capable leader which I sensed from the start and is good with a spell but he seems to have an interest in the darker side of magic which I know little to nothing about other than you need to watch yourself less bad things happen. All and all it’s a good group that is accepting of an outsider like myself and I’m learning a great deal from them as well. I hope all is well in the homeland, and hope to hear from you soon.

You’re Brother Glyssor



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