Kevans Iron Kingdoms

Armondo and Bosh Upgrade the Carriage

Armando picked up a carriage and had requested funds from No Quarter to purchase some up grades. Bosh suggests his connection Kimich might be the one to talk. He has knowledge of how to make a vehicle worthy of use for smuggling.

Bosh sends a messenger to Kimich asking him if he know anyone with capability to upgrade a carriage for battle and smuggling. The next day a messenger delivers a response. Kimich is happy to give Bosh access to a wood/metalworker skilled in performing the upgrades. The letter indicates the location of a shop in the industrial district and a contact named Joe Smithen.

Bosh and Armondo have Gina and Paul ready the cart for travel. The two make their way into the darker less traveled parts of the Industrial district to find a place called Knots and Bolt. Bosh being streetwise asks and intimidates the directions out of some of the local common folk of the district.

When they arrive at Knot and bolt there is a large gated entrance. The guard asks what business they have here. Bosh responds, indicating they have an appointment with Joe Smitten. The gate leads into an inner courtyard. Once in, they are greeted at the by two hulking figures. The two figures take control of the horse and start unharnessing the yokes. As they exit the carriage they see a man, wearing a mechanics apron, step out of garage doors. He introduces himself as Joe Smithen. So you two need this fitted with some upgrades. He says he received a message from Kimich indicating this carriage needed some special work done to it…

I can finish the post or we play it out in game?



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