Kevans Iron Kingdoms

Malleus 2nd, Trineus 608 A.R.

Medicine from the Medicated

Thang requests the group go retrieve medicine for Sid from the alchemist shop Clear Eyes. NQ arrives to the shop and finds it being vandalized by some masked thugs. They dispatch them quickly and then get word from Calvin Clear Eyes that he has no more reagents to process the medicine Sid needs.

To the northern forest they go. To fetch the plant. Finding slain Ferrow they are ambushed by Bog Trogs. Badly wounded they finally come to the plant. A gatorman in a top hat greets them and says he is in need of the plant also but has no way of extracting its essence. He offers to escort the party out of the forest in exchange for some of the plants extract.

They bring the plant back to Calvin Clear Eyes for extraction and return to the Bahruck estate and share a drink with the gatorman called Wrong Eye who apparently is an old acquaintance of Thang.



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