Kevans Iron Kingdoms

Malleus 3rd, Trineus 608 A.R.

Into the Sewers with Gators

Upon finding Calvin ‘Clear Eyes’ missing, NQ found a journal log with a name Alistar recognized. Calvin had apparently been doing work with a Brig Emit.

They traveled to Brigs old machine shop which had been abandoned for some time now. Inside they found all the equipment missing and a trail of blood leading into the a basement sewer duct.

Following the blood they found a massive chamber filled with mechanical and alchemical equipment, the rooms corners were packed with unconscious people, among them was Clear Eyes.

As they filed into the room, Brig emerged and set off a trap filling the room with caustic rain. Mechanical augmented flesh sitting around the workshop area started to move and attack NQ.

NQ bested Brigs creations and he fled, setting off a bomb that started to collapse the whole tunnel. Having rescued the people they went with Calvin ‘Clear Eyes’ to retrieve the Kelish extract he was making for them.

Back at the Bahruck estate, Sid himself called for a meeting. He told the party he had been holding onto the stone and felt it was calling to him and far more powerful then they could imagine…

Having received his portion of the Kelish extract, Wrong Eye asked the party if they would be hired to escort him to the Marchfells swamp where his mission originated.



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