Kevans Iron Kingdoms

NQ Inc - 1

New to the job

Taking up the invite from Sid I was introduced to a few rag tag men. Sid let it be know to us that he was retiring and he wanted us to start a Mercenary Charter. We all agreed, I think we all saw it as a way to fill our pockets with coin.

I nominated myself for leader of the group, as I had the most training out of everyone. I regaled them of my actions in battle, at Caspia. It quickly won the group over. Next we needed coal for the steamjacks.

We found some farrow trying to rob the coal plant and put a stop to them. Helping us insure a contract for coal with the laborers. Our first commission soon followed, a journey men warcaster was out on patrol and got badly injured. He didn’t remember what happened. He had a ironclad warjack with with at the time and it was now lost. We were to go and find out what happened and recover a few parts from the jack if able.

Once we found the warjack a khadoran berserker came crashing though the woods and attacked. It took a bit of tough fighting but we finally dropped it. We gathered up the parts from the ironclad and berserker and headed back into town. It was payday.




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