Kevans Iron Kingdoms

NQ Inc - 3

We headed to Cleareyes to pick up the extract he was making for us. He shop was dark and there was no one there. Strange it was during the time that the shop should have been open. Bosh said he found the door ajar, but I saw him kick it in. Looking inside we found nothing out of the ordinary.

Stepping back outside we saw there was some guards by our carriage. I started to talk to them, there wanted to know if we saw anything going on in the area. Seems there is reports of people gone missing. Told them we had no idea what that was about, we just came here to buy some stuff from Cleareyes, but he wasn’t here.

After the guards left we went back inside and looked around some more. In one of Cleareye’s log book there was a name, Brigg. A name that the guards also mentioned when they told us about the missing people. He was a machine worker that according to his foreman went nuts and disappeared.

Headed to the machine shop where Briggs worked, which was also closed. Inside Lloyd found a blood trail the lead down into the basement and from there a trap door which lead into the sewer. We took march though the sewer when suddenly two bull snappers ambushed us.

Bosh took a wicked bite to the gut, while myself and Glyssor dropped one each. Bosh was not looking very good, there was a lot of blood. Letting Bosh catch his wind we continued down the sewers. Finding a small side room fill with all kinds of machinery and Briggs himself, a former resemblance of him. Gabrielle lay unconscious on a table in the in the middle of the room. He had all these mechanical parts coming out of him and attached to him. Cages lined the wall and he had all these half machine half people things come at us.

The battle was hard fought. A few got the blood spits, while others stayed clear of danger to some point. Briggs ran down a corridor and trigger some kind of explosion. The whole place was coming down! We managed to get all the kidnapped people out and return them safely home.

Briggs will see his end soon.




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