Kevans Iron Kingdoms

NQ Inc - 4

We head off with Wrongeye to accompany him to the Marchfells. The first night a Thulg took a liking to Alistar’s jack, during the night. It dropped bosh very fast, Lloyd felled the beast very easy.

On night two Bosh and Wrongeye decided that it was better to drink instead of taking watch. We awoke with splitting headaches in a cave, bound by rope. I quickly summoned all my strength and broke the bonds. One hit me doing some damage, I cast a few spells and pained the dregg, getting a few of my wounds back. It didn’t take long for the rest of the group to finish them off. Not knowing where Wrongeye and the rest of our equipment was we set off in the caves to find out what we could.

We found an Iosan being tortured by some dregg. After killing the dregg we found out only one of the elves was alive. Only one of them was alive, Harylsl joined us to set out deeper or so we thought into the cave.

After meeting up with Wrongeye we exited the tunnels and went back to where are carriage was. After a short discussion we escorted Harylsl back to his camp. Glyssor said we should leave him be to go on his own, seems he wanted to kill me. Such nerve of someone we rescued and saved his life. I will make him a thrall one day, mark my word.



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