Kevans Iron Kingdoms

NQ Inc - 4

We head off with Wrongeye to accompany him to the Marchfells. The first night a Thulg took a liking to Alistar’s jack, during the night. It dropped bosh very fast, Lloyd felled the beast very easy.

On night two Bosh and Wrongeye decided that it was better to drink instead of taking watch. We awoke with splitting headaches in a cave, bound by rope. I quickly summoned all my strength and broke the bonds. One hit me doing some damage, I cast a few spells and pained the dregg, getting a few of my wounds back. It didn’t take long for the rest of the group to finish them off. Not knowing where Wrongeye and the rest of our equipment was we set off in the caves to find out what we could.

We found an Iosan being tortured by some dregg. After killing the dregg we found out only one of the elves was alive. Only one of them was alive, Harylsl joined us to set out deeper or so we thought into the cave.

After meeting up with Wrongeye we exited the tunnels and went back to where are carriage was. After a short discussion we escorted Harylsl back to his camp. Glyssor said we should leave him be to go on his own, seems he wanted to kill me. Such nerve of someone we rescued and saved his life. I will make him a thrall one day, mark my word.

Malleus 3rd, Trineus 608 A.R.
Into the Sewers with Gators

Upon finding Calvin ‘Clear Eyes’ missing, NQ found a journal log with a name Alistar recognized. Calvin had apparently been doing work with a Brig Emit.

They traveled to Brigs old machine shop which had been abandoned for some time now. Inside they found all the equipment missing and a trail of blood leading into the a basement sewer duct.

Following the blood they found a massive chamber filled with mechanical and alchemical equipment, the rooms corners were packed with unconscious people, among them was Clear Eyes.

As they filed into the room, Brig emerged and set off a trap filling the room with caustic rain. Mechanical augmented flesh sitting around the workshop area started to move and attack NQ.

NQ bested Brigs creations and he fled, setting off a bomb that started to collapse the whole tunnel. Having rescued the people they went with Calvin ‘Clear Eyes’ to retrieve the Kelish extract he was making for them.

Back at the Bahruck estate, Sid himself called for a meeting. He told the party he had been holding onto the stone and felt it was calling to him and far more powerful then they could imagine…

Having received his portion of the Kelish extract, Wrong Eye asked the party if they would be hired to escort him to the Marchfells swamp where his mission originated.

Armondo and Bosh Upgrade the Carriage

Armando picked up a carriage and had requested funds from No Quarter to purchase some up grades. Bosh suggests his connection Kimich might be the one to talk. He has knowledge of how to make a vehicle worthy of use for smuggling.

Bosh sends a messenger to Kimich asking him if he know anyone with capability to upgrade a carriage for battle and smuggling. The next day a messenger delivers a response. Kimich is happy to give Bosh access to a wood/metalworker skilled in performing the upgrades. The letter indicates the location of a shop in the industrial district and a contact named Joe Smithen.

Bosh and Armondo have Gina and Paul ready the cart for travel. The two make their way into the darker less traveled parts of the Industrial district to find a place called Knots and Bolt. Bosh being streetwise asks and intimidates the directions out of some of the local common folk of the district.

When they arrive at Knot and bolt there is a large gated entrance. The guard asks what business they have here. Bosh responds, indicating they have an appointment with Joe Smitten. The gate leads into an inner courtyard. Once in, they are greeted at the by two hulking figures. The two figures take control of the horse and start unharnessing the yokes. As they exit the carriage they see a man, wearing a mechanics apron, step out of garage doors. He introduces himself as Joe Smithen. So you two need this fitted with some upgrades. He says he received a message from Kimich indicating this carriage needed some special work done to it…

I can finish the post or we play it out in game?

Wrongeye's job

info pending until we find out where we are going

NQ Inc - 3

We headed to Cleareyes to pick up the extract he was making for us. He shop was dark and there was no one there. Strange it was during the time that the shop should have been open. Bosh said he found the door ajar, but I saw him kick it in. Looking inside we found nothing out of the ordinary.

Stepping back outside we saw there was some guards by our carriage. I started to talk to them, there wanted to know if we saw anything going on in the area. Seems there is reports of people gone missing. Told them we had no idea what that was about, we just came here to buy some stuff from Cleareyes, but he wasn’t here.

After the guards left we went back inside and looked around some more. In one of Cleareye’s log book there was a name, Brigg. A name that the guards also mentioned when they told us about the missing people. He was a machine worker that according to his foreman went nuts and disappeared.

Headed to the machine shop where Briggs worked, which was also closed. Inside Lloyd found a blood trail the lead down into the basement and from there a trap door which lead into the sewer. We took march though the sewer when suddenly two bull snappers ambushed us.

Bosh took a wicked bite to the gut, while myself and Glyssor dropped one each. Bosh was not looking very good, there was a lot of blood. Letting Bosh catch his wind we continued down the sewers. Finding a small side room fill with all kinds of machinery and Briggs himself, a former resemblance of him. Gabrielle lay unconscious on a table in the in the middle of the room. He had all these mechanical parts coming out of him and attached to him. Cages lined the wall and he had all these half machine half people things come at us.

The battle was hard fought. A few got the blood spits, while others stayed clear of danger to some point. Briggs ran down a corridor and trigger some kind of explosion. The whole place was coming down! We managed to get all the kidnapped people out and return them safely home.

Briggs will see his end soon.


Malleus 2nd, Trineus 608 A.R.
Medicine from the Medicated

Thang requests the group go retrieve medicine for Sid from the alchemist shop Clear Eyes. NQ arrives to the shop and finds it being vandalized by some masked thugs. They dispatch them quickly and then get word from Calvin Clear Eyes that he has no more reagents to process the medicine Sid needs.

To the northern forest they go. To fetch the plant. Finding slain Ferrow they are ambushed by Bog Trogs. Badly wounded they finally come to the plant. A gatorman in a top hat greets them and says he is in need of the plant also but has no way of extracting its essence. He offers to escort the party out of the forest in exchange for some of the plants extract.

They bring the plant back to Calvin Clear Eyes for extraction and return to the Bahruck estate and share a drink with the gatorman called Wrong Eye who apparently is an old acquaintance of Thang.

Malleus 1st, Trineus 608 A.R.
Insanity Potion Blend

Looking for new recruits and jobs Bosh has a lead on two thugs; Paul and Gina. Their local hangout the Insanity Potion is loud as hell with a boisterous Trollkin. Armando approaches him and introductions are made.

The Trollkins name is Greygor and he is in town picking up his associate Nail. He asks the group if they are interested in doing a job with him tonight, they agree.

They ransack a carriage and kill a few men before they are descended upon by Dregg. They emerge victorious but wounded. And are rewarded with gold and the approval of Greygor. He offers to sell the group his recommendations to several factions.

Vendarl 6th, Trineus 608 A.R.
First Job

After a few days of job training with Thang, Milo Stilton arrives at the estate to hire the crew.

Recover a lost ’Jack. Simple enough. Soon however they encounter what took it down, a lone damaged Berserker… During combat it explodes leaving behind scraps. While salvaging what they can Alistar finds the Berserker with no coal in the hopper and holding a black stone bigger then a mans head.


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