Selin Harkist

A stoic man with a soft voice and a quick gun.


Aristocrat/ Gunmage
Human/ Gifted

Phy: 5
Spd: 6
Str: 4
Agi: 4
Prw: 4
Poi: 5
Int: 3
Arc: 4
Per: 4
Willpower: 8
Def: 13
Arm: 12
Initiative: 14
Command Range: 3
SKILLS: Hand Weapon: 5; Pistol: 7; Detection: 5; Etiquette (1); Seduction (1); Intimidation (1)
BENEFITS & ABILITIES: Additional Study; Craft Rune Shot; Fast Reload; Poison Resistance; Language; Privilege
SPELLS: Snipe; Rune Shot Brutal; Rune Shot Momentum; True Sight
GEAR: Ammo Bandolier; Rune Shot Blasting Kit; Tailored Plate; 225 gc; Magelock Pistol
CONNECTIONS: Gun Mage Order; Aristocrat


I was born into a wealthy shipping family in New Larkholm. I grew up spending time walking the docks with my father learning the business firsthand. Due to our proximity to Cryx, at an early age I learned how to defend our home with sword and gun. When I came of age, my parents chose to send me to Caspia to attend school to make sure that I became a well rounded individual.

I took to my lessons quite well, especially that of my gun. By the age of 13, I realized that I had some natural ability that helped with my accuracy. I remember one afternoon I was competing with a group of students several years my senior in a test of accuracy. It came down to myself and an 18 year old Long Gunner recruit. He shot first and put it almost dead center from 100ft, an almost perfect shot. I knew I had to muster every ounce of energy to make this shot. I closed my eyes and focused as hard as I could and all of a sudden the target appeared in front of me as if it was only 2ft away. I took the shot and it was dead center of the target. I won. After the competition I was pulled aside by one of instructors. He explained to me that during that last shot, my pistol erupted in blue runes and they seem to guide my bullet to its target. I had the ground work of my magical abilities.

I was sent to Point Bourne next to develop my magic ability. I progressed quickly through the classes and the testing. By the time of my 18th birthday, I was inducted into the small family of gun mages. As one of the youngest gun mages I have a lot to prove. I was recruited by General Reibault to take on some spy missions. I have taken well to infiltration work by utilizing my upbringing of the social scene as well as that of the docks and shipyards. I have only been on a few missions but by Marrow’s grace I have been successful each time. I am not sure what the future may hold but I am sure that General Reibault will have orders for me soon.

Selin Harkist

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